• Lupe: Healing and a Return to Her Kids

    Lupe is an adorable, slight 58-year-old mother and grandmother, soft-spoken and very sweet. After working at Kmart for 15 years, Lupe had recently been laid off and had found a new career babysitting five children.

    But after having surgery to remove her ovaries, Lupe became very ill. A few days after the surgery, she was in the emergency room of a local short-term acute care hospital in severe pain. Unknown to the doctors or to her, her colon had been knicked during the procedure.

    Lupe is shown in the photo with Diane J., LPN

    From the moment she was admitted to the local short term acute care hospital, everything was a blur.

    She awoke November 2 having been transferred to Kindred Hospital Arizona - Phoenix for more focused care including ventilator weaning and rehabilitation.

    The Kindred respiratory team set to work, providing Lupe a speaking valve so that she could communicate and strengthen her respiratory muscles so that she could be weaned more quickly. Still disoriented from her ordeal, Lupe was unable to think to say the right words to speak through her valve and could not write. The respiratory team was determined to wean Lupe as soon as possible so that she could resume eating and speaking with her family. After just 14 days they achieved this goal.

    Lupe was discharged December 6 to a rehabilitation hospital where she says she hopes to continue recovery and become strong enough to watch “my kids” again. She told the Kindred staff she hoped to find physical therapists there as good as those who helped her at Kindred. Lupe was particularly grateful for her PT who worked with her diligently to get her motivated to walk again

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